3 Clothing Items Every Girl Should Own! 💅✨

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Hello Ladies,

If you’re anything like me, you have a closet packed to the brim of clothes you barley wear! Well, that’s all good, but we want to talk about the three items you absolutely need in your closet! Whether you are a girl on the run, a sassy student, or a stay at home mom—you need these clothing items in your life.


Let’s Get Started…


Slide On Shoes


I am literally obsessed with my slides; I wear them every day! Whether it’s to run errands or go to class I can be spotted in these things almost everywhere. They literally feel like you’re wearing slippers but have that cute and fashion forward twist.


Good Denim


That’s right, there’s a difference between cheap and expensive denim—one being longevity and the other being comfort. You need at least two pairs of good denim jeans in your closet—these will make a difference in the way you look, feel, and will make the day go a lot smoother ( I know it’s just jeans, but trust me girl)!


Black Tee’s


In my opinion you could never have enough black t-shirts—these literally go with everything and can be dressed up/down to fit every occasion. I literally have 20 black tee’s in different cuts and styles in my closet right now—you could thank me later girl!


So, what are you waiting for? You have a ton of staple pieces to add to your closet! Let us know in the comments what your favorite staple is or if you have any additional tips!


Enjoy Girl!!!


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