Are You A Boss Babe or A Classic Beauty—Keep Reading To Find Out…

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All girls are beautiful in their own and special way, but one thing we may ponder is what kind of beautiful we are? As you know there are tons of beauty types, but today we’re going to explore two types of beauty that has caused the most debate in the comment section!  So, everybody quickly ask yourself this, Are you more of a Boss Babe? (OR) Do you more closely identify along the lines of a Classic Beauty?

If you’re having a hard time answering this question or maybe you feel like you’re a little bit of both, keep reading…



A Boss Babe is a strong headed woman on the rise who seldom takes no for an answer. She knows exactly what she wants and when she wants it and will make little to no compromise as her demands must be met. Though strong willed the Boss Babe does have a little bit of a sweet side when it comes to love and would do anything for the people she cares about. A Boss Babe will always have her goals accomplished early and will be on the ladder to new successes every single day!



A Classic Beauty is more strategic about accomplishing her goals—she is someone who will stay quiet and as soon as an opportunity presents itself, she will be the first to get her hands on it. A Classic Beauty is more skeptical when it comes to love, because she has been hurt before, and steps into new relationships (of any kind) whole heartedly BUT with caution. A Classic Beauty is out there making her mark and is accomplishing goals by the second! She will do anything and everything to ensure her hopes and dreams make it to reality!


So, if you got to this point you might have a similarity between both Classic Beauty & Boss Babe! A mix of the two is one of the fiercest, bad a** ladies! We like to refer to these top chart ladies as Boss Beauties! A Boss Beauty has all the strategy of accomplishing her goals and won’t settle (under any circumstances). She brings her strategy into her love life but at the same time will risk it all if the connection was strong enough. She makes her dreams come true through hard work and will stop at nothing regarding her success!

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