March 25, 2020 2 min read

Hello Ladies,

With Easter practically around the corner, and already having a million things to do— Don't let your makeup for the day be one of them! 

Easter is a time of simplicity and naturalness, so let that be your makeup inspiration for this joyous occasion. And to make it even easier we are going to provide all of you with a step by step process to achieve this gorgeous look…

So, Without Further Ado…

Here’s A Step by Step Easter Makeup Tutorial


  1. Moisturize


You want to make sure your skin is soft and fresh before applying makeup—get a dime-sized portion and apply it liberally on your face (this will also act as a good base for your skin makeup)


  1. Swap Out Foundation


Instead of having the heaviness of a foundation on your face all day long, opt for a bb or cc cream—this way you’ll still get coverage and not feel weighed down.


  1. Do A Light Contour


Swipe some bronzer on your cheek bones, a little under your chin, and on your forehead. This will give you the definition you need, and you’ll look natural and radiant.


  1. Highlight


Take your favorite highlighter and put it above your cheek bone, on the arch of your eyebrow and the tip of your nose—this will have you glowing all day.


  1. Mascara


To keep with the theme of simplicity, just apply 1 -2 coats of mascara, and if you really want to add a little something extra put on some false lashes.


  1. Lip Gloss


Lastly, just pop on a clear or light-colored lip gloss for a little something extra and you’re good to go!

This look should take no longer than 10 minutes—so you’ll have plenty of time to prep for other things.


Enjoy Girl & Happy Easter!

P.S. You Look Fabulous! 😉


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Brittany Antonacci
Brittany Antonacci

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