Healthy Snacks Anyone Can Make! 🥑🍎

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Hello Ladies,

We all know eating healthy can be super hard and the snack temptation is real—but what if I said you could give into those temptation in a healthy and satisfying way. That’s right, we have some awesome snack hacks that take little preparation and are super tasty.

Let’s Get Started…


  1. Avocado & Seasoning


My all-time favorite snack is ½ an avocado with everything bagel seasoning (this seasoning is life changing). But you could literally put any type of seasoning you’d like and it’s always yummy.


  1. Cucumber & Tahin


 If you don’t know what Tahin is—it’ literally magic in a bottle that you could put it on everything! It adds a little spice and is not too overpowering, plus the crunch of the cucumbers is a nice hydrating bonus.


  1. Apples & Almond Butter


This is literally the best mix of sweet and salty—without all the added sugar and cholesterol that comes with other snacks—you could thank me later girl.


  1. Veggies & Hummus


My favorite veggie to dip in hummus is broccoli, but you could cut up any veggies you like and pack some hummus for a healthy and delicious little snack.


So, what are you waiting for? You have some yummy snacks to prepare! Let us know I the comments what snack you enjoyed the most or if you have any other creative snack ideas.


Enjoy Girl!!!


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