How To Get The Most Out Of Your Clothing! 👌😊

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Hello Ladies,

Do you find yourself spending a ton of money on clothes, but most times they either get over worn or the trends just switch up? Well, we have the perfect solutions with these simple tips that’ll guarantee your clothing to have the longest possible life span!

Let’s get started…


  1. Hand Wash ONLY

Literally the only exception to this is pajamas, but all your other items should be hand washed. This is more work but has less wear and tear on your clothes and guarantees your pieces to be around for years to come!


  1. Always Carry A Stain Stick

I've lost so many clothing items because I either spill my morning coffee on my top or leak some salad dressing onto my denim. Now, I always carry a stain removing stick, so the area that got the stain can more easily be taken care of later.


  1. Make Something New

If you have a piece of clothing that just doesn’t match up with the trends anymore—use the fabric to make something new. And if you can’t sew, you could totally use fabric glue.


  1. Be Smart

If you know you’re not going to wear something or only wear it once, don’t bother crowding your closet with it—there’s tons of pieces that are way more worth it that’ll give you more use.


Now that you’ve added years to the life span of your clothes… let us know in the comments what tip was most helpful or if you have any other lifesaving tips to share.


Good Luck Girl!!!


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