Nighttime Routine For A Boss B*tch 😴🌙

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Hello Ladies,

Do you find your nights going to same way—sitting on your phone until you could barely keep your eyes open. Well, there’s a better way to spend your nights and treat yourself like the boss b*tch you are with these few simple steps.

If you’re ready to learn about this baddie night routine, you’ll have to keep scrolling!

Let’s Get Started…


  1. Put Your Phone Down


Having direct screen time right before bed can be detrimental to your circadian rhythm—meaning if you have direct contact with the light form your screen less than an hour before bed time you’re scientifically proven to not get adequate sleep… so get off that phone girl!


  1. Relax


The hour or two leading up to bedtime should be super relaxing—put on some music, draw a bath, and unwind from all the day’s worries!


  1. Self-Care


Read you favorite book and lather on a facemask—this way you’ll be getting in the sleepy time mood and have glowing skin in the morning.


  1. Give Yourself A Full 8 Hours


Make sure you get to bed in time to give yourself a full eight hours—this is the perfect amount of time to feel relaxed and refreshed to take on the next day.


So, what are you waiting for? It’s almost bedtime girl—let us know in the comments which tip helped you the most and maybe we’ll do a part two!

Goodnight Girl!

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