Questions You Should Ask Before Entering A Relationship 😜👌

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Hello Ladies,

We’ve all been there single and ready to mingle, but not sure if a relationship is the next right step. Whether you’ve gone out on a few dates with the cute guy you met online or you want to rekindle something old—you should totally ask yourself these three questions first…


  1. Why Did I Leave My Last Relationship?


If the answer to this was to either find yourself or to better yourself—the answer is to continue doing that until you feel complete on your own. You could still go out on dates and have a good time, but relationships are a big commitment that should not be taken lightly.


  1. How Will This Affect My Daily Life?


Remember, relationships take time and effort—so, if you see that you are super happy with the way your daily life is right now and not ready to change that…do you think a relationship is the right idea?


  1. Do I Really Want This?


I can’t stress this enough—so many relationships start from boredom or lack of excitement. This is the worst way to start off a relationship. If you want excitement create it on your own terms and get in a relationship purely based off want not to need.



So, now that you have all of these questions to ponder—you can make a more educated guess on whether you should enter a relationship. Trust yourself to make the right decision and the rest will fall into place.


You Got This Girl!!!


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