Quick Tips To Drive Bae Crazy! 😉💋

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Hello Ladies,

Have you been in a relationship for a while or just simply feel like spicing things up? That’s totally natural and can-do wonders for any relationship. Whether it’s a small gesture or a big surprise, it’s always nice to change things up in the romance department.

So, if you feel you need a little bit more pizazz in your relationship, keep scrolling…


How To Drive Bae Crazy!


Plan Surprises


This can be anything from an elaborate vacay to picking up your boo’s favorite ice cream up after work. This inadvertently creates a sense of excitement not only regarding the surprise, but with the relationship in general. So, plan little surprises for your bae and you could totally thank me later!


Show Affection


This goes without saying, you should always hug, cuddle, and kiss you significant other. This produces dopamine in the brain and gives a feeling of over joy that is associated with the action and in turn the relationship!  


Have Date-Night


I can’t stress this enough, having a designated date night at least once a month is super important for communication and intimacy. Plus, it adds some excitement and gives you something to look forward to with your partner.


Do Something New


Whether you get a new outfit or try out a new perfume—this subtle change could trigger a spark of romance and drive you man absolutely wild.


So, what are you waiting for? You have a relationship to add some spark to! Let us know in the comments which tip was most helpful and maybe we’ll do a part two!


Good Luck Girl!!!


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