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Hello Ladies,


Today we’re here to talk about how to keep your squad looking and feeling fresh all the time! The hard part is how to plan the perfect and stylish event on a day when all your besties are available

Don’t forget to plan in advance— pick one day every month where you get together, no matter what! 


How Can This Help with Keeping The Squad Fresh?

 It’s simple, when you get together plan events and activities that will stimulate the mental and physical well-being of your friends—this way you all stay stylish!


  1. Have A Spa Day


Pick a day on the weekend where you could have all your friends come over to make home-made face masks and give each other manicures. This will not only have you looking hot but build that key communication and team work to grow the relationship between you and your besties!



  1. Go For Brunch


There’s nothing better than bottomless mimosas and avocado toast—and you could all meet and do your makeup and pick out cute outfits beforehand! You’ll get to eat up, drink up, and look fine as hell when doing it!



  1. Go Shopping


Shopping is always that much more fun when you have your super stylish besties to give you their advice as you walk down the dressing room hall like your very own runway! Plus, even if you don’t end up buying anything, there’s nothing wrong with taking a quick little mirror selfie with your friends to post later!



  1. Have a Wine Night


It’s always fun to get all dressed up for your gal pals—so put on your favorite outfit, pick out your top-rated wine, and head to one of your besties houses to talk. And if you decide to go out you already look hot af!


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