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Hello Ladies,

If you're anything like me, you love your wine—there's nothing better than coming home from a long day of work and pouring a chilled glass of moscato (or any other wine of your choice). So, today I thought it be fun to go over the top 5 wines basic b*tches are sure to love. 

And after posting an online forum calling all the basic b*tches, here’s the list we came up with…



  1. Rose’



This is a no brainer and a sacred item to all the basics out there, it has a mild sweetness and a few flowery notes—Plus, it’s pink and French (it can’t get any better than that).



  1. Moscato


This is a super classy beverage for all my adult ladies—it's basically fruit juice with a little kick, and it's AMAZING! 


  1. Prosecco


This is the perfect beverage for a night out with the girls—whether it's a classy dinner on the town or a simple at home wine night, it's delicious. 



  1. Merlot


This is a beautiful red wine that has more of a dry taste with a few sweet notes—plus, it goes great with a nice pasta bolognese. 

  1. Chardonnay


This is for all my fancy girls out there—there’s nothing better than pouring a glass of  chardonnay and pretending you're better than everyone else for just a few minutes.

So, hopefully you enjoyed this fun take on rating some of the best wines out there. Comment down below what's your favorite wine, and maybe we'll do a part two. 


Enjoy Girl!


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