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"Diamonds" Are

You know the kind.

Diamonds so bright and brilliant, they

make everyone’s heads turn.

Can you tell that these beauties are lab ‘diamonds’?

So many jewelers today love to pull the wool over your eyes to pad their pockets. They peddle the myth that diamonds—one of themost common precious gemstones—are so rare that you should payoutrageous prices to wear them.

What they don’t tell you is that you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars—or even hundreds—to have the most extravagant look in the room.

Now you can wear these stunning, straight-from-the-lab ‘diamonds’ that are virtually indistinguishable from the “real thing”. Just as beautiful, for asignificantly lower price…and they’re 100% Conflict-Free.


Just see the reviews we have such as this one from Stacey

"So beautiful! They catch the light perfectly! I get compliments all day long! I can't wait to order a ring!"

Or this one from James


Or this one from Roydel

"the most gorgeous earrings, I literally have dimond earrings and much rather wear these!😍"

Luciana Rose Solitaire Stud Earrings

Shipping Details:

All orders are shipped within 24 hours from our US based warehouses via USPS Shipping, they take 2-5 days to arrive depending on how rural of an area you live in.  Canada orders take 5-10 days to arrive

Refund Policy

We believe in good business which is why we offer a 90 day no questions asked money back return policy, Know that you can shop with 100% confidence with
Luciana Rose

Warranty Information

Our jewelry is made with only the finest materials and we guarantee your item will last for many years if not decades to come.  If for any reason your jewelry tarnishes, turns black or the stone yellows, promptly contact us for a free replacement for up to 5 years from date of purchase.

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